LoNoteMusic is owned and run by Martin Thomson, an award-winning educator with over 30 years’ experience. Primarily a software training company, LoNoteMusic aims to provide its clients with the very best that music IT has to offer the modern educator – both in the best ways to use it, and the best price to purchase it at.

Our main specialism is in the Music Notation Software, Sibelius. Martin’s expertise in this particular title has seen him deliver training sessions in Holland, Norway, Sweden, Eire, Wales, England as well as every part of Scotland, from the Borders to the Highlands. In addition, his position as an official Avid Master Instructor has seen him delivering online training in their Sibelius certification programme to clients all over the world.

In recent times, iPads have become a major part of education equipment, and we at LoNoteMusic have been quick to realise the potential these device have in the modern Music classroom. As such, our iPad training events have been very popular, and remain one of our most active training areas.