Highland Cathedral for Orchestra, Choir and Pipes

This is a full-scale work for Symphony Orchestra, Choir (children’s or adult), and Bagpipes.

It has been performed to great acclaim in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall and City Halls by various ensembles, and is always one of the highlights of the show, leaving many audience members with tears in their eyes.

The orchestral parts are all kept fairly straightforward, while still producing a large orchestral sound when required.

The Bagpipe part can be played by a solo piper, or a full pipe band, with or without drummers, since the orchestral snare drum part mimics the traditional pipe band snare drum part. The Bagpipe part is included purely for reference purposes, as the pipers will already know the tune, and the part is there so that they can be made aware of what part of the tune they play and when, along with the extended ending.

The recording below uses the sounds from Sibelius Software, so a little imagination is required when listening to the bagpipe section. If you would like to see a sample part, please get in touch.